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15L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank 13" L x 11" W x 6" H

$ 289.99 $ 599.99

SKU: SLN-UCN000007

Feeling the heat? Well, don't, because we totally know what you need. Our 15L Stainless Steel Digital Heater Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is a sturdy machine that can do all the work for you. Go ahead, put your feet up, grab your favorite reading material and take a break.

What You Get For Your Money:

  • Extra durable cleaning tank; yes, this thing is built to withstand slightly rough handling
  • Can clean a variety of things like the longhole, workpiece or finedraw
  • Iffy about cleaning fluids? Well, princess, there's no need to touch fluid once you use this machine
  • Comes with 4 strong built-in transducers; like an amazing superpower booster, this strengthens ultrasonic power which triples the cleaning power (hey, that all rhymes!)
  • Need the time? There's a huge timer and temperature display to make sure you know what's happening inside.
  • We don't want smaller objects to feel left out so we included a stainless steel bracket to keep them in during the wash
  • Comes with a partner lid too! We like to keep all the heat and goodness in
  • Don't worry; this won't turn into a pressure cooker. There are heat holes placed on the thing to help dissipate all that steam
  • Has a drain flow valve so it's easy to clean and rinse (see, we've thought of pretty much everything!)
  • (Free GIFT!!) 3.28 feet drain hose
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping and sliding
  • Power cord with UL certification.

Follow These Rules:

  • Read the instruction manual before using. No excuses, okay?
  • Only use tap water when cleaning and if you want to absolutely clean your things then use 5-10ml detergent
  • Use for: jewellery, glasses or waterproof watches, tattoo guns, dentures, combs, toothbrushes, printer heads, ancient coins, badged, machine nozzles, forks, knives, spoons and various small silverware. Tons more actually, just read the manual

Dimensions and Numbers to Know:

  • Total Working Power 760 Watts
  • Heating Power 400 watts
  • Ultrasonic Power 360 watts
  • Frequency 40kHz
  • Power Supply AC110V-120V 60Hz
  • Tank Capacity 15 liter (3.9 gallon)
  • Time Setting 0 - 30minutes
  • Temperature Setting 0-80 Celsius (32-176 Fahrenheit)
  • Transducer Quantity 6 set
  • Tank Size 13" L x 11" W x 6" H
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner Size 14 1.2" L x 13" W x 10 1/2" H
  • Basket Size: 12 1/4"L x 11"W x 3 7/8"H

Peeking Inside the Box:

  • 1 piece Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • 1 piece 3.28ft Drain Hose as GIFT (because we totally love you)
  • 1 piece Cleaning Basket
  • 1 piece Instruction Manual

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