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33" Umbrella GWB Backdrops Photo Lighting Kit

$ 199.99 $ 239.99

SKU: SLN-KIT000002

Best Solution for Your Professional Photo Studio:

  • Perfect for any objects, such as portraits, costumes, furnishings, etc.
  • Best color temperature, powerful total 90 watts lighting
  • Soften lighting with umbrella for reducing overexposure and hot spots.
  • Seamless and non-reflective background for less post processing.
  • Set up in minutes to offer you a professional photo studio.
  • For 110 voltage

Professional Daylight Bulbs:

  • Save Electricity! 45 watts Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb
    -Total 4x 45 watts fluorescent daylight bulbs
    - Saves energy up to 80%
  • Color temperature is 5500k, most perfect color temperature for photo taking.
  • Average life 8,000 hours.

2 x 33" Studio White Translucent Umbrella Reflector:

  • White: produce neutral color temperature
    -diffuse the light from any Flash/Strobe Light and Constant Light
  • High-quality nylon construction
  • Extremely soften light and get rid of the shadows, improve the quality of your pictures.
  • Perfect for static photography

    2 x 33" Studio Black-Silver Umbrella Reflector:

    • Silver reflective internal side and black back side
      -Silver Internal Side: Minimize light loss & maximize light spread
      - Contrast and increase highlights
    • Material: Silver reflective & black nylon, aluminum frame
    • Ideal for portraits & object product shooting

      4 x Single Head Fluorescent Light Holder:

      • Easy to set up
      • On/Off Switch
      • Lamp Base: E27
      • 9 feet long cord
      • Max power can be used 85W energy saving bulb
      • Adjustable light positions that lock at the desired angle

      4 x 7 feet Light Tripod Stands:

      • Color: Black
      • Maximum height is 7 feet, fold down to 3 1/2 feet for easy portability.
      • Professional quality aluminum frame with black satin finish.
      • Simple quick-release levers provide fast precise height adjustment.
      • Extra wide angle footprints with rubber tips for more stability.
      • Folding frame design for freewill lighting position setting and easier storage.

      1 x Adjustable Background Support:

      • Strong alloy steel construction.
      • Height Adjustable: Min 2.4 ft - Max 8.2ft
      • Width Adjustable: Min 4.9 ft (2 cross bars)- Max 10 ft (4 cross bars)
      • Extra wide footprint for more stability.
      • Simple press-to-lock locks provide fast precise height adjustment.
      • Folding frame design for freewill lighting position setting and easier storage.

      3 x Backgrounds/Backdrops:

      • One 9ft x 6ft Black Muslin Backdrop.
      • One 9ft x 6ft White Muslin Backdrop.
      • One 9ft x 6ft Green Muslin Backdrop.
      • The most popular and indispensable backdrops for your photo studio.
      • Suitable for any costume, portrait and large object photography.

      2 x Backdrop Clamps:

      • Essential Item in Any Studio Setup
      • Ideal for eBay Seller &Home or Office
      • Material: Nylon

      Foam Lined Carrying Cases: (Free Gift)

      • Heavy duty carrying case for the whole kit
      • Foam lined for extra protection
      • Portable and convenient to anywhere

      Package Includes:

      • 2 x 33" White Translucent Umbrella Reflectors
      • 2 x 33" Studio Black-Silver Umbrella Reflectors
      • 4 x 45w 5500k Daylight Bulbs
      • 4 x Single Head Fluorescent Light Holders
      • 4 x 7 Feet Light Stands
      • 1 x 10ft Backdrop Support
      • 1 x 9ft Black Muslin Backdrop
      • 1 x 9ft White Muslin Backdrop
      • 1 x 9ft Green Muslin Backdrop
      • 1 x Foam Lined Carrying Case for the Whole Kit

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