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33" Umbrella Photo Continuous Lighting Kit w/ Case

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Best Solution for Your Professional Photo Studio:

  • Perfect for any objects, such as portraits, costumes, furnishings, etc.
  • Best color temperature to prevent from color aberration.
  • Powerful total 135 watts lighting to provide a sufficient exposal and brilliant image.
  • Soften lighting with umbrella for reducing overexposure and hot spots.
  • Easy to control with On/Off switch.
  • Set up in minutes to offer you a professional photo studio.
  • Please kindly note that it is for 110 voltage.

Professional Daylight Bulbs:

  • Save electricity! 45 Watt spiral daylight lamp equal to 200 watts regular bulb.
  • Total̴Ì_3x 45 watts̴Ì_spiral fluorescent daylight bulbs equal to̴Ì_600̴Ì_watts light output.
  • Color temperature is̴Ì_5500k, most perfect color temperature for photo taking.
  • Average life 8,000 hours.

Studio Translucent Umbrellas:

  • High-quality nylon construction.
  • 33"̴Ì_wide soft white translucent umbrella.
  • Perfect for static photography, such as taking photos for static objects.
  • Make a very soft and natural effect.
  • Extremely soften the flash light and get rid of the shadows, improve the quality of you pictures.
  • Good to reduce shadow like the window lighting indoors and outdoors for portraits and so on.

Light Tripods:

  • Color: Black
  • Maximum height of the large tripods are 7 feet, fold down to 28 inches for easy portability.
  • Maximum height of the small light stand is 16"
  • Professional quality aluminum frame with black satin finish.
  • Simple quick-release levers provide fast precise height adjustment.
  • Extra wide angle footprints with rubber tips for more stability.
  • Folding frame design for freewill lighting position setting and easier storage.

AC Swivel Umbrella Holders:

  • You can use it with or without the umbrella.
  • Quick adjustable light positions that lock at the desired angle.
  • Distance from the umbrella to bulb is adjustable to be used as fill-in light.
  • Its 12.5 feet long cord helps you to move it freely for best lighting effects.

Carrying Case:̴Ì_(Free Gift)

  • One portable zippered carrying case with comfortable belt for easy carrying and storage.

Package Includes:

  • 2x 7 Feet Light Stands
  • 1x 16" Light Stand
  • 3x AC Swivel Umbrella Holders
  • 3x 45w 5500k Daylight Bulbs
  • 2x 33" Translucent Umbrellas
  • 1x Carrying Case (free gift)

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