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Dual-Action Siphon Feed Airbrush Spray Gun 0.3mm

$ 19.99 $ 29.99

SKU: SLN-BRS000015

This Professional Precise Airbrush Includes 0.3mm Nozzle Dual-Action Gravity Feed Pattern with 20cc+40cc Fluid Cup plus Dual-Action Trigger Air/Fluid Control. This airbrush is ideal for large art work, spraying tanning, cake decoration, large art illustrations, tattoo applications.

What You Get For Your Money:

  • Made with high quality precision components
  • Multipurpose Usage, as it works well with most paint media and applications
  • Removable Needle and Nozzle Cap helps you to spray the full range of spraying and stippling effect
  • Built-in teflon O-ring for nozzle cap and better for corrosion resistance
  • Efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control

Dimensions and Numbers to Know:

  • 0.3mm Needle/Nozzle
  • Dual-Action trigger control
  • Internal Mix fully atomized spray pattern
  • 20cc+40cc gravity feed fluid cup with lid
  • Spray Pattern: Hairline to 2" Wide
  • Working Pressure: 15-50PSI
  • Portable Storage Case
  • Fit for Color Fluid: Watercolor Pigments, Inks and Dyes, Acrylics, Automotive Urethanes, Lacquers and Enamels. (Not Included)

Peeking Inside the Box:

  • 1x Salon Makeup Airbrush
  • 1x 20cc Plastic Fluid Cup
  • 1x 40cc Plastic Fluid Cup
  • 1x Storage Case
  • 1x Instruction

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