Salon Spa Facial Ozone Steamer

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There's nothing like a good spa or facial to keep your skin looking younger, smoother and of course, make you feel better. This Salon Spa Facial Ozone Steamer is one of there is. It does a lot of cool things at once.

What You Get For Your Money:

  • UV Ozone function which helps create and increase the vapour quantity
  • No need to add any chemicals or additives, clean tap water would do
  • Red line reminder on the cup
  • Automatic shut-off function when the content drops below the waterline
  • Super easy to move around thanks to its rolling wheels
  • Read the manual first before using
  • Keep leakage by ensuring the silicon glue sealing mat is aligned properly upon installing the cup

Dimensions and Numbers to Know:

  • Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 750W
  • Support Pillar Height: 36 1/2"
  • Base Diameter: 9"

Peeking Inside the Box:

  • 1 piece facial steamer
  • 1 piece support pillar
  • 1 set connector
  • 1 set base
  • 1 manual