3" Hydraulic Rolling Adjustable Stool Black

  • $ 45.79

When you're working at a salon, you need some of the most comfortable stools around. That's why we're offering this 3" Hydraulic Rolling Stool in Black. It is portable, comfortable and absolutely sexy, wouldn't you agree?

What You Get For Your Money:

  • Sleek black color
  • Can accommodate up to 250lbs (don't get fooled by its size)
  • Pivots in 360 degrees
  • Durable synthetic PU, perfect for salons and tattoo shops
  • Comes with 2 3/4" thick foam
  • Large 13" diameter round seat surface
  • Adjustable hydraulic height from 17" to 22.5 "
  • Super brand spankin' new and ready to ship to your doorstep, just say the magic word

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