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Top Tips for Applying Magical Mascara December 10 2014

If there’s one beauty product which can pretty much transform your face in a matter of minutes its mascara. Many self respecting women never leave the house without it – and I’m certainly one of them.  If you choose the right mascara and put it on in the right way it can really make your eyes stand out after just a couple of swipes.

The secret is to choose the best mascara for your needs and then to apply it properly. How hard can it be?

Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Three Simple Steps to Perfect Mascara Application:

  • Put the mascara wand close to the base of your eye lashes and wiggle it around from the left and the right. The mascara which really works wonders is that which is placed close to the roots of your eyelashes and not the mascara on the tips.
  • Pull the mascara wand up through your lashes whilst giving it a wiggle – this helps to separate your eye lashes for maximum effect.
  • Close your eye and put the mascara wand over the top of your eyelashes, pulling through to remove any of the clumps you have – lots of people skip this step but it really can make a difference

How to Choose Your Mascara

Mascara is available in many different formulae – some is for lengthening, some is for thickening, some is non-clumping and some mascara is waterproof.  Waterproof mascara is a good option, particularly in the summer when you are likely to get hot and sticky.

There are some fabulous colored mascaras around which can add a whole new dimension to the eyes and help them to “pop”. The general rule of thumb for “normal” mascara wear however is:

  • Black is good and works for just about everyone. It can be a little harsh for blondes however who have very fair skin and lashes
  • Brown/Black should be the preferred “everyday” mascara for blondes, although they can go for the more dramatic black at night if they feel in the mood.
  • Plum / Burgundy mascaras are fabulous for blue eyes and really helps to emphasize the color
  • Blue mascaras can work well with blue / gray eyes
  • Purple mascara is superb on dark brown eyes

To Curl or Not to Curl

Some people swear by eyelash curlers and others shy away from them thinking that they look like something from a medieval torture chamber. If you get the hang of curling your eyelashes it can help your eyes to appear brighter and wider.  You can use eyelash curlers before or after you’ve applied your mascara, just so long as the mascara is dry.

Only Apply Mascara to Top Lashes

This is good advice, applying mascara to both the top and bottom lashes can leave your eyes looking “cluttered”.

A final word of advice – don’t pump your mascara wand vigorously in and out of the tube – the only thing you’ll achieve is to put more air inside the tube and the mascara will dry out faster.

Need a Close Shave Without the Nicks? Here’s How December 03 2014

All women these days need to know how to shave and that’s the end of it. Hairy legs are not a good look but bare legs are always in fashion so it stands to reason that all women need to know how to do it.

If you follow these shaving tips not only will your legs be smooth, hairless and gorgeous – they’ll also be free from painful and unsightly nicks and stay that way for longer.

  1. Make sure that your skin is wet and moisturized before you reach for the razor – shaving exfoliates and if you try to shave when your legs are dry the razor can become clogged up with dead skin which can lead to nicks or razor burns. It’s a good tip to shave in a hot shower when your skin is nicely softened by the moisture and the heat.
  2. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on ladies’ shaving creams because guess what – they are pretty much the same as the ones for men, the only difference is the scent. His ‘n’ hers shaving cream is a great option, particularly if he’s buying.
  3. Splashing on a little baby oil before the shaving cream can help the razor to glide along more smoothly resulting in a closer job and fabulous soft and silky legs once you’ve finished.
  4. Regularly change your razor to make sure that you always use one which is nice and sharp. Blunt razors are the ones which nick your skin. Don’t be tempted to use any other person’s razor either – you can “borrow” his shaving cream but be sure to have your own razor.
  5. For a really close shave it’s a great idea to exfoliate first. This removes all of the dead skin cells which can clog up the razor and prevent you from getting a really close shave. Exfoliate either in the shower or before the shower – but remember to do it for best results.
  6. Start at the bottom and shave in an upwards direction, it’s the most effective way to get really close. Hair grows downwards so you need to shave in an upward direction for the best results. This doesn’t follow for shaving arm tips however – the hair there grows in all directions so you have to shave in all directions to catch it.
  7. If you haven’t moisturized before shaving . . . in fact even if you have moisturized before shaving remember to slap some more on when you’ve finished. The legs don’t have many natural oil glands and need all the help they can get to stay smooth, silky and moisturized.
  8. Shaving is great for the legs and under arms but don’t be tempted to get razor happy anywhere else. Waxing is definitely the best idea for your bikini line.

Follow these few tips and your legs will feel smooth, soft and silky. Legs may not stay hairless for as long as they would if you used other methods but shaving is the cheapest, easiest and quickest thing to do.



Experts Guide to a DIY Facial November 26 2014

There’s no better way to pamper yourself than going for a professional facial but they can be pretty expensive. That’s why many people only have them on special occasions. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful skin all of the time – a DIY facial is the perfect answer to have a clear, fresh and healthy complexion all of the time.

Try this once a week, you’ll love it.

Cleanse – this is always the first step. Wash all over your face, ears and neck with a good quality cleanser to rid your skin of the accumulation of dirt and grime – we all get it. Don’t forget to take off your eye make-up with a gentle remover first. You need a clean canvas to get the best results from your DIY facial. Try our Makeup remove pads!!

Exfoliate – dead skin cells can make the complexion look dull and lifeless – bring it to life with a good exfoliater.  Use a gentle facial scrub all over the face and neck, rubbing in small circles with your fingers.  Focus your efforts on the greasiest parts of your face like your forehead and nose, particularly if you have combination skin. Rinse well after you’ve finished – many exfoliating scrubs can be very drying.

Steam – if someone bought you a facial steamer for Christmas last year then lucky you but if not it’s not the end of the world. You have a couple of options. You can either steam your face using a bowl of boiling water (a little like clearing your head when you have a bad cold) or by using a clean wash cloth dipped into hot water and pressed gently but firmly onto the face two or three times.

Mask – use the face mask of your choice. This will largely depend upon your skin type. If you have oily skin you should choose a face mask which is clay based and if you have naturally dry skin you should choose a hydrating or gel face mask.  Apply the mask all over the face and leave it on for between 10 and 20 minutes before rinsing off with clean, warm water. Be careful not to get it close to your eyes.  You can even make your own face mask using ordinary household products out of your kitchen cupboards.

Moisturize – once you have washed the mask from your face it’s time to moisturize. Make sure that you apply your favorite moisturizer generously all over your face, ears and neck. If you fancy a cheaper option to the fancy moisturizers at the beauty store then you could always use a little extra virgin coconut oil – it really gets the job done.

If you follow this routine every week it will help to keep your skin soft, beautiful and glowing. Every woman deserves a weekly pamper day to refresh her body and soul. Go on, lock yourself in the bathroom, have some gentle tunes playing outside the door, light a couple of candles and pamper yourself. You’ll feel the benefits for the whole week until it’s pamper day once more. 






Beautiful Eyes Start with These Best Eye-shadow Tips November 21 2014

Choosing the right eye shadow palette and applying it correctly to your lids can really help to bring out the natural beauty of the eyes – if you want your eyes to “pop” and be a fabulous focus for your face then there are just one or two things you need to know about it.

Choosing the Right Palette For Your Eyes

I know it might be tempting to buy that fabulous new eye-shadow to match your new party dress but that isn’t really what it’s all about. You must make sure that the eye-shadow you choose is a good match for your actual eye color (which doesn’t change at all).

Eye Shadow Colors

Contrasting eye-shadow colors against your eye color is the best way to make them stand out.

  • Blue eyes – look utterly fabulous with browns / gold eye shadows
  • Brown eyes – look divine with greens, blues or aubergine, deep mysterious purples and the colors of the jewels
  • Green eyes – can really carry off browns and pinks

Choosing the right eye-shadow palette for your eyes is the best place to start, but then . . .

Eye Shadow Brushes

First of all, before you go any further – throw out any of those free eye shadow sponges which are supplied with eye shadow palettes. Foam applicators and other freebies are not going to cut it at all. For the best results you need a couple of good quality eye shadow brushes – a medium one will work perfectly for the neutral color and another for the crease.  If you really want to push the boat out you can also buy a smaller eye shadow brush for blending and an angled make up brush which can help you to apply eye shadow as eye liner.

Creating The Smokey Eye

This is one eye shadow which will never go out of fashion – well, it hasn’t yet anyhow.  In order to achieve the classic smokey eye don’t be tempted to take any eye shadow color above the crease of the eye – you only need to apply the shadow to the lid and just below your lower lash line.

Combining Dazzling Eyes with Luscious Lips

Well, in all honesty, the best way to achieve this is . . . don’t. If you’re in the mood for some super dramatic, luscious red lips then tone down your eye-shadow.  Just a little concealer or primer will do the job fine along with a little lightly colored and lightly applied eye shadow.

Want Great Eyes? Then Blend . . .

Blending is the key to great eye-shadows. Whenever you watch a video about how to apply eye shadow you will notice that the key to creating even the most complicated look is all in the blending.  Your eye shadow needs to be one continuous blend – that’s the secret to a truly professional finish to your eye makeup.

A little practice goes a long way when it comes to applying eye-shadow. All you have to do is to pick the right colors, apply with the right brushes and become an expert blender.









A Guide to Makeup Brushes, Learn What's What October 20 2014

Trying to pick out the right makeup brush can be intimidating (and pretty overwhelming) with all your options. Not a lot of people really know what each makeup brush is for. Most of the time, you encounter 2 brushes that seemingly look the same, but trust us, that pointy thing, is different from that round thing ;)

This inspired us to create a list of the basic brushes you need in your arsenal to perfect a flawless look. We explain which one is for what and why it is ideal for the cheeks, eye shadows, blending, lining, etc.

 All brushes are available for purchase here:

Top Tips for Truly Fabulous Skin October 10 2014

Getting your skin into tip top condition is not that difficult to achieve – it’s about finding the right beauty regime and sticking to it.  The good thing about great, clear skin is that you don’t have to pile on the foundation or concealer – your natural beauty can shine through.  If you regularly cleanse your skin, use a gentle exfoliater and keep it well hydrated you won’t need to hide blemishes and pimples beneath layers of make up . . . and the upside is that the less make up you use the better condition your skin will be so that’s a real win-win situation.

Here are just a few top tips which will help you to get, and to keep your skin in great shape.

  • Always use a primer or moisturizer underneath your foundation – it helps the foundation to glide more smoothly and evenly over your skin leaving a fabulous finish instead of gathering in your wrinkles and fine lines . . . and even if you don’t have wrinkles and fine lines yet it still leaves a smoother finish.
  • Use a concealer before you use your foundation, you won’t need to use as much foundation if you do that. The specific areas which benefit from concealer are beneath the eyes, on the chin and on the nose.
  • Don’t slap foundation all over your face – very few people actually need to do that. Just stick to the areas of uneven skin tone – typically along your nose and on any ruddy cheeks in the winter time. If you put it everywhere you don’t need it you could look like you’ve caked it on – which is not a good look. There are some fabulous tinted moisturizers which work really well, gliding on smoothly and leaving a more subtle, fresh finish.
  • You can apply foundation using your fingers, a brush or a sponge; it is all about personal preference. There is no right or wrong way to apply it. Many professional makeup artists use a brush which is good for getting into the awkward nooks and crannies, some makeup artists believe that the fingers give a better finish as your fingers warm up the foundation a little and others find that a sponge gives a more even finish (without dirtying their fingers).

  • It can be very tricky to find the perfect match for your complexion which is why it really does pay to get help from professional makeup artists or on the makeup counter of your local department store. If you have a collection of foundations and concealers which are not quite right why not try a little mixing and blending to find the perfect shade – it’s a much better option than simply throwing them away.
  • Evian water provides the perfect finish. After you have applied and set your makeup spray your face with a little Evian water for the perfect dewy finish - it’s marvelous.

 Follow these few tips and you’ll soon notice the difference, your skin will be even more fabulous that it was already.


Lift Your Arms with Confidence – Sweet Smelling Pits Are Here October 07 2014

Some women tend to worry (with good reason) about lifting their arms in public – arm pits can get itchy, sweaty, wet and smelly leaving people to being extremely uncomfortable about raising their arms, even if they don’t support the “European vibe” shaving regularly and are free from hair or stubble.  Arm pits certainly are a taboo subject even amongst family and friends – the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few things you can do in the shower each morning which will help to keep you fresh and smelling sweet the whole day through.

Follow these three simple steps to fresh, odor free armpits and raise your hands with confidence.

Step 1 – cleanse your arm pits. Take a clean wash cloth and use it to cleanse the arm pits using something gentle like Cetaphil – it only costs around $10 and is well worth the money. What it does is to gently clean the impurities and debris from the skin.

Step 2 – rinse off the cleanser and pat your arm pits dry. It’s surprising how many people neglect to do this – just as it is important to thoroughly dry your feet and in between your toes to prevent them from being smelly, the same goes for the arm pits.  If you don’t dry your arm pits the trapped water will soften the skin which can lead to numerous problems.

Step 3 – apply your deodorant, not just inside the actual arm pit itself but also the three inch circle around it. Choose your deodorant carefully as some brands are definitely more effective than others but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune. Dove Advanced Care deodorant will only set you back a few bucks - $5.99 at the last look – and works great. Apply a thin layer all over and around the arm pit area with gentle strokes and it will help you to keep dry, smell sweet and feel fresh for the whole day.

If you make these simple steps a part of your daily routine in the shower you won’t have to worry about itching, sweating or foul smelling odors any more. There’ll be no need to avoid wearing dark colored shirts, no need to sit with your arms held closely to your sides and no need to worry about embarrassing odors or sweat stains.

Unfortunately there are some people who seem to be oblivious to their own unsavory body odor so if you are unfortunate enough to work with one of these types (as I was a few years ago) it can be a difficult subject to broach. However often we brought up the subject of our favorite deodorants she would remain insistent that she didn’t waste her money because she didn’t need it.

You just can’t help some people can you, but share these quick and easy tips among your friends and colleagues – the biggest secret really is in the drying.

Finding the Best Foundation is all About the Undertones October 03 2014

The basis to good professional make-up is all about the foundation, choosing the right foundation sets the canvas on which you apply the rest of your makeup.  That said, it isn’t always easy to find the right foundation to suit your skin tone.  According to the experts there are an awful lot of girls out there wearing the wrong foundation – it’s a bit like bra sizes isn’t it?

If you take a look online for foundations and concealers you’ll read a lot about undertones – they are what you need to match to your foundation. But what is an undertone? It really isn’t much help telling someone to match their undertone if they don’t know where to start looking for it now is it?

The undertone is the color which lies just beneath the surface of the skin – the tone of the skin changes frequently thanks to exposure to sunshine etc but your undertones always remain the same. 

When it comes to foundations the marketing material will often ask you whether you have:

  • Cool undertones
  • Neutral undertones
  • Warm undertones

If only life were that simple – many of us fall somewhere between the boundaries and have warm / neutral undertones or cool / neutral undertones.  So how do you know what your undertones are and where can you find them? It’s all in the wrist.

Check out the skin on the underside of your wrist and if . . .

If your skin has a pinky, reddish or blue tinge then you have cool undertones.  If silver jewelry looks fabulous on you but gold does not then you have cool undertones. If you look at your skin when you’re out in the sun and it has a blue tint then you have cool undertones. – got it?

If your skin doesn’t have pinky, reddish and blue tinges – or yellow, peachy gold tinges then this means that you have neutral undertones, you are somewhere in the middle.  If the veins on your wrist are more of a green / blue then you have neutral undertones. If you can wear both silver and gold jewelry and it looks equally fabulous then you have neutral undertones. If your skin appears to be a little green under the sunshine then you have neutral undertones – got it?

If, on the other hand your skin has a yellowy, peach or gold tinge then you have warm undertones.  The veins in your wrist will appear olive or green, gold jewelry is more flattering than silver and your skin looks a little yellow under the sun then you definitely have got warm undertones – got it?

Okay, take a look and check out your undertones.

When it comes to choosing the right foundation in a store you should always be sure to have clean, exfoliated and moisturized skin (dirty, sweaty skin will affect the color of the foundation). You should also make sure that you check it out in good lighting and find the best match for not just your face but also your neck.

You are now an expert on undertones!


DIY Hair Colors – Tips for Perfect Hair Coloring at Home October 01 2014

Most people these days are having to cut back a little on their budget and one area in which you can definitely save a little of your hard earned cash is by coloring your hair at home. Why spend $100 or more having your hair colored professionally when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost and still enjoy fantastic results.

Of course, there are some people and color jobs which really do need the professional touch – it can be nigh on impossible to master foils and stripes and is much more difficult than simply covering up the grays or giving a boost to boring brown hair.

If you simply fancy going a couple of shades lighter to your normal hair coloring then there is no reason at all why you can’t do it yourself. There are a few simple rules which you should follow however, to avoid impending disasters.

The color on the box is not trustworthy – hair dyes react differently depending upon the health, texture and starting color of your hair. Instead of simply looking at the picture pay close attention to the description and the shade of the color in the box – look for words like dark, medium, light, ashy, golden etc.

Always do a strand test – if you skip this stage and don’t like the results it can be difficult to change an entire head of hair. A few strands of an unsuitable shade in a strategic location is not the end of the world however.

If the color turns out much darker than you anticipated – or even liked – do not panic.  Simply get another bottle of the same hair dye and mix with equal amounts of shampoo, wash your hair leaving the lather on for a few minutes then rinse it off. This should leave your hair just a shade or two lighter.

It’s pretty easy to create your own highlights around your face for that natural, sun kissed look. Buy a bottle of hair dye which is just a couple of shades lighter than your usual and apply it to just a few strands of hair around the face.

It is important to remember that hair dyes have concentrated color so it is important that your hair is in good condition before you use them. The best thing to do is to give your hair an intense conditioning treatment a few days before you intend to color it then every week after you’ve applied the color. 

A touch of Vaseline around the hairline will prevent your skin from getting dyed and if you do have any runs of color simply rub a touch of cream cleanser onto the Vaseline and wash it off using a wash cloth or cotton wool pads.

Remember to wear gloves (these are usually provided with the hair dye) and always use an old, dark colored towel which won’t show the stains.

For best results don’t wash your hair until the day after you’ve applied the color to give it time to settle.





Youtube Beauty Guru, Permporn LOVES Our Makeup Train Case September 24 2014

Get this 2 in 1 Key-locked Rolling Makeup Case, available in different colors including an adorable shade of pink! This is perfect for Professional Makeup Artists as well as beauty lovers on the go. Keep your beauty secrets neatly locked and stored away and buy yours today. We're sure you'll love it as much as PermPorn does.