Top Tips for Applying Magical Mascara

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If there’s one beauty product which can pretty much transform your face in a matter of minutes its mascara. Many self respecting women never leave the house without it – and I’m certainly one of them.  If you choose the right mascara and put it on in the right way it can really make your eyes stand out after just a couple of swipes.

The secret is to choose the best mascara for your needs and then to apply it properly. How hard can it be?

Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Three Simple Steps to Perfect Mascara Application:

  • Put the mascara wand close to the base of your eye lashes and wiggle it around from the left and the right. The mascara which really works wonders is that which is placed close to the roots of your eyelashes and not the mascara on the tips.
  • Pull the mascara wand up through your lashes whilst giving it a wiggle – this helps to separate your eye lashes for maximum effect.
  • Close your eye and put the mascara wand over the top of your eyelashes, pulling through to remove any of the clumps you have – lots of people skip this step but it really can make a difference

How to Choose Your Mascara

Mascara is available in many different formulae – some is for lengthening, some is for thickening, some is non-clumping and some mascara is waterproof.  Waterproof mascara is a good option, particularly in the summer when you are likely to get hot and sticky.

There are some fabulous colored mascaras around which can add a whole new dimension to the eyes and help them to “pop”. The general rule of thumb for “normal” mascara wear however is:

  • Black is good and works for just about everyone. It can be a little harsh for blondes however who have very fair skin and lashes
  • Brown/Black should be the preferred “everyday” mascara for blondes, although they can go for the more dramatic black at night if they feel in the mood.
  • Plum / Burgundy mascaras are fabulous for blue eyes and really helps to emphasize the color
  • Blue mascaras can work well with blue / gray eyes
  • Purple mascara is superb on dark brown eyes

To Curl or Not to Curl

Some people swear by eyelash curlers and others shy away from them thinking that they look like something from a medieval torture chamber. If you get the hang of curling your eyelashes it can help your eyes to appear brighter and wider.  You can use eyelash curlers before or after you’ve applied your mascara, just so long as the mascara is dry.

Only Apply Mascara to Top Lashes

This is good advice, applying mascara to both the top and bottom lashes can leave your eyes looking “cluttered”.

A final word of advice – don’t pump your mascara wand vigorously in and out of the tube – the only thing you’ll achieve is to put more air inside the tube and the mascara will dry out faster.

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