Beautiful Eyes Start with These Best Eye-shadow Tips

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Choosing the right eye shadow palette and applying it correctly to your lids can really help to bring out the natural beauty of the eyes – if you want your eyes to “pop” and be a fabulous focus for your face then there are just one or two things you need to know about it.

Choosing the Right Palette For Your Eyes

I know it might be tempting to buy that fabulous new eye-shadow to match your new party dress but that isn’t really what it’s all about. You must make sure that the eye-shadow you choose is a good match for your actual eye color (which doesn’t change at all).

Eye Shadow Colors

Contrasting eye-shadow colors against your eye color is the best way to make them stand out.

  • Blue eyes – look utterly fabulous with browns / gold eye shadows
  • Brown eyes – look divine with greens, blues or aubergine, deep mysterious purples and the colors of the jewels
  • Green eyes – can really carry off browns and pinks

Choosing the right eye-shadow palette for your eyes is the best place to start, but then . . .

Eye Shadow Brushes

First of all, before you go any further – throw out any of those free eye shadow sponges which are supplied with eye shadow palettes. Foam applicators and other freebies are not going to cut it at all. For the best results you need a couple of good quality eye shadow brushes – a medium one will work perfectly for the neutral color and another for the crease.  If you really want to push the boat out you can also buy a smaller eye shadow brush for blending and an angled make up brush which can help you to apply eye shadow as eye liner.

Creating The Smokey Eye

This is one eye shadow which will never go out of fashion – well, it hasn’t yet anyhow.  In order to achieve the classic smokey eye don’t be tempted to take any eye shadow color above the crease of the eye – you only need to apply the shadow to the lid and just below your lower lash line.

Combining Dazzling Eyes with Luscious Lips

Well, in all honesty, the best way to achieve this is . . . don’t. If you’re in the mood for some super dramatic, luscious red lips then tone down your eye-shadow.  Just a little concealer or primer will do the job fine along with a little lightly colored and lightly applied eye shadow.

Want Great Eyes? Then Blend . . .

Blending is the key to great eye-shadows. Whenever you watch a video about how to apply eye shadow you will notice that the key to creating even the most complicated look is all in the blending.  Your eye shadow needs to be one continuous blend – that’s the secret to a truly professional finish to your eye makeup.

A little practice goes a long way when it comes to applying eye-shadow. All you have to do is to pick the right colors, apply with the right brushes and become an expert blender.









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