Experts Guide to a DIY Facial

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There’s no better way to pamper yourself than going for a professional facial but they can be pretty expensive. That’s why many people only have them on special occasions. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful skin all of the time – a DIY facial is the perfect answer to have a clear, fresh and healthy complexion all of the time.

Try this once a week, you’ll love it.

Cleanse – this is always the first step. Wash all over your face, ears and neck with a good quality cleanser to rid your skin of the accumulation of dirt and grime – we all get it. Don’t forget to take off your eye make-up with a gentle remover first. You need a clean canvas to get the best results from your DIY facial. Try our Makeup remove pads!!

Exfoliate – dead skin cells can make the complexion look dull and lifeless – bring it to life with a good exfoliater.  Use a gentle facial scrub all over the face and neck, rubbing in small circles with your fingers.  Focus your efforts on the greasiest parts of your face like your forehead and nose, particularly if you have combination skin. Rinse well after you’ve finished – many exfoliating scrubs can be very drying.

Steam – if someone bought you a facial steamer for Christmas last year then lucky you but if not it’s not the end of the world. You have a couple of options. You can either steam your face using a bowl of boiling water (a little like clearing your head when you have a bad cold) or by using a clean wash cloth dipped into hot water and pressed gently but firmly onto the face two or three times.

Mask – use the face mask of your choice. This will largely depend upon your skin type. If you have oily skin you should choose a face mask which is clay based and if you have naturally dry skin you should choose a hydrating or gel face mask.  Apply the mask all over the face and leave it on for between 10 and 20 minutes before rinsing off with clean, warm water. Be careful not to get it close to your eyes.  You can even make your own face mask using ordinary household products out of your kitchen cupboards.

Moisturize – once you have washed the mask from your face it’s time to moisturize. Make sure that you apply your favorite moisturizer generously all over your face, ears and neck. If you fancy a cheaper option to the fancy moisturizers at the beauty store then you could always use a little extra virgin coconut oil – it really gets the job done.

If you follow this routine every week it will help to keep your skin soft, beautiful and glowing. Every woman deserves a weekly pamper day to refresh her body and soul. Go on, lock yourself in the bathroom, have some gentle tunes playing outside the door, light a couple of candles and pamper yourself. You’ll feel the benefits for the whole week until it’s pamper day once more. 






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