Top Tips for Truly Fabulous Skin

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Getting your skin into tip top condition is not that difficult to achieve – it’s about finding the right beauty regime and sticking to it.  The good thing about great, clear skin is that you don’t have to pile on the foundation or concealer – your natural beauty can shine through.  If you regularly cleanse your skin, use a gentle exfoliater and keep it well hydrated you won’t need to hide blemishes and pimples beneath layers of make up . . . and the upside is that the less make up you use the better condition your skin will be so that’s a real win-win situation.

Here are just a few top tips which will help you to get, and to keep your skin in great shape.

  • Always use a primer or moisturizer underneath your foundation – it helps the foundation to glide more smoothly and evenly over your skin leaving a fabulous finish instead of gathering in your wrinkles and fine lines . . . and even if you don’t have wrinkles and fine lines yet it still leaves a smoother finish.
  • Use a concealer before you use your foundation, you won’t need to use as much foundation if you do that. The specific areas which benefit from concealer are beneath the eyes, on the chin and on the nose.
  • Don’t slap foundation all over your face – very few people actually need to do that. Just stick to the areas of uneven skin tone – typically along your nose and on any ruddy cheeks in the winter time. If you put it everywhere you don’t need it you could look like you’ve caked it on – which is not a good look. There are some fabulous tinted moisturizers which work really well, gliding on smoothly and leaving a more subtle, fresh finish.
  • You can apply foundation using your fingers, a brush or a sponge; it is all about personal preference. There is no right or wrong way to apply it. Many professional makeup artists use a brush which is good for getting into the awkward nooks and crannies, some makeup artists believe that the fingers give a better finish as your fingers warm up the foundation a little and others find that a sponge gives a more even finish (without dirtying their fingers).

  • It can be very tricky to find the perfect match for your complexion which is why it really does pay to get help from professional makeup artists or on the makeup counter of your local department store. If you have a collection of foundations and concealers which are not quite right why not try a little mixing and blending to find the perfect shade – it’s a much better option than simply throwing them away.
  • Evian water provides the perfect finish. After you have applied and set your makeup spray your face with a little Evian water for the perfect dewy finish - it’s marvelous.

 Follow these few tips and you’ll soon notice the difference, your skin will be even more fabulous that it was already.


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