Lift Your Arms with Confidence – Sweet Smelling Pits Are Here

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Some women tend to worry (with good reason) about lifting their arms in public – arm pits can get itchy, sweaty, wet and smelly leaving people to being extremely uncomfortable about raising their arms, even if they don’t support the “European vibe” shaving regularly and are free from hair or stubble.  Arm pits certainly are a taboo subject even amongst family and friends – the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a few things you can do in the shower each morning which will help to keep you fresh and smelling sweet the whole day through.

Follow these three simple steps to fresh, odor free armpits and raise your hands with confidence.

Step 1 – cleanse your arm pits. Take a clean wash cloth and use it to cleanse the arm pits using something gentle like Cetaphil – it only costs around $10 and is well worth the money. What it does is to gently clean the impurities and debris from the skin.

Step 2 – rinse off the cleanser and pat your arm pits dry. It’s surprising how many people neglect to do this – just as it is important to thoroughly dry your feet and in between your toes to prevent them from being smelly, the same goes for the arm pits.  If you don’t dry your arm pits the trapped water will soften the skin which can lead to numerous problems.

Step 3 – apply your deodorant, not just inside the actual arm pit itself but also the three inch circle around it. Choose your deodorant carefully as some brands are definitely more effective than others but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune. Dove Advanced Care deodorant will only set you back a few bucks - $5.99 at the last look – and works great. Apply a thin layer all over and around the arm pit area with gentle strokes and it will help you to keep dry, smell sweet and feel fresh for the whole day.

If you make these simple steps a part of your daily routine in the shower you won’t have to worry about itching, sweating or foul smelling odors any more. There’ll be no need to avoid wearing dark colored shirts, no need to sit with your arms held closely to your sides and no need to worry about embarrassing odors or sweat stains.

Unfortunately there are some people who seem to be oblivious to their own unsavory body odor so if you are unfortunate enough to work with one of these types (as I was a few years ago) it can be a difficult subject to broach. However often we brought up the subject of our favorite deodorants she would remain insistent that she didn’t waste her money because she didn’t need it.

You just can’t help some people can you, but share these quick and easy tips among your friends and colleagues – the biggest secret really is in the drying.

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