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3-Plug Outlet Salon Hair Dryer Appliance Holder

$ 39.99 $ 47.99

SKU: SLN-APH000002

Own a beauty salon? Then you're in luck because the 3-Plug Outlet Salon Hair Dryer Appliance Holder?ÌÎÌÛwill make life a tad bit easier for you and your stylists. You have to remember that sometimes, it's the little things that count.

What You Get For Your Money:

  • Crafted from solid steel and plastic, it comes with a powder coated finish that feels nice to the touch
  • Heat resistant inserts cover the openings
  • 3-plug outlet that comes with a 5.9 ft. power cord so you can move it easily
  • One large blower holder
  • Three round irons holder
  • Strong base so you are assured it won't fall apart or topple over
  • Helps organize various hair tools in one area (how neat is that?)

Dimensions and Numbers to Know:

  • Blow Dryer Holder: 2 3/4"
  • One Large Hair Iron Holder: 1 1/2"
  • Two Small Hair Iron Holders: 1"
  • One Small Accessories Holder: 1 1/4"
  • Base Diameter: 8 1/2"

Peeking Inside the Box:

  • 1 piece appliance holder with 5.7 ft. power cord

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