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Tattooing Practice Skin 5 Pack 6"x8"

$ 9.99 $ 11.99

SKU: SLN-PSK000001

Why you must have this Tattooing Practice Skin?

  • Thick enough for double sided usage, buy 1pcs, use twice.
  • Our premium practice skins are made from original raw material, no poison, no harm, no impurities and better skin touch feeling.
  • The cheaper one in the market is made from reused material, it has impurities, like black spot. It could destroy your artwork. Even worse, you cover it on human body for practice, it may cause allergy to the human skin.

What You Get For Your Money:

  • Made from original raw material, no poison, no harm.
  • No impurities and better skin touch feeling.
  • Individual packaging for each practice skin.
  • Rectangle 6" x 8" moderate size for all kinds of designs.
  • Plain surface for freestyle design and practice.
  • Practice different techniques, from outlining to shading.
  • Great for testing your progress during practice sessions.
  • Flexible and has a similar feel as human skin.
  • Ideal for wrapping around arms or legs and place on chests or backs.

Peeking Inside the Box:

  • 5pcs of Plain Practice Skin


When practicing with practice skin, for a better feel of what it'll be like to tattoo on a real person, you'd better attach the piece of skin to various body parts to get used to the various curves and contours you'll be working with on the human form.

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