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6 Pieces Round Arrays Ionic Detox Bath Spa Cleanse

$ 42.99

SKU: SLN-FTA000002

What You Get For Your Money:

  • Fits our detox foot bath machine (SLN-FTB000008)
  • 6 pieces detox foot bath machine arrays
  • Better detox effect
  • Recommended to be used for 30 times for optimal detox effect
  • Rounded with 10 stainless steel coils

Dimensions and Numbers to Know:

  • Fits our detox foot bath machine (SLN-FTB000008)
  • Overall Dimension: 2-7/10"L x 2-7/10"W x 3-3/4"H (L6.9cm x W6.9cm x H9.5cm )
  • Material: Stainless Steel + ABS Plastic

Peeking Inside the Box:

  • 6x Arrays

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