The Best Way to Store and Transport Your Makeup Equipment

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Professional makeup artists need a professional set up – that’s the real truth of it. Let’s face it, you’re not going to last long if you turn up at a photo shoot with a jumble of makeup bags, carrier bags and shoe boxes full of paint, powder and nail polish – you need somewhere to store and transport your makeup and makeup brushes quickly, easily and professionally.

A makeup train case can do all of those things and more. It’s somewhere to store your makeup in an organized fashion without it getting mixed and muddled, even in transit. A rolling makeup train case does just that, rolling along easily making it possible to take your entire makeup collection with you wherever you need it. But wait, there’s more . . . 

Some makeup train cases can be magically transformed into a makeup stand with mirrors, lights and everything. Okay, maybe it’s not quite “lights, camera, action” – it’s more like “lights, lipstick, action” – but you get the idea. Imagine how easy your life would be with a free standing makeup station which you can take with you wherever you go, some of them even have an added power outlet so that you can plug in your tongs or hairdryer wherever you are and telescopic legs so that you can stabilize your makeup station on uneven ground if necessary.

What do you need to apply your own or someone else’s makeup?

• Well organized makeup in separate compartments, padded to stop it from rattling around – check!

• Brush pots . . . to keep your brushes in – check!

• Mirror to make sure that you’re putting your lipstick in the right place – check!

• Lights to get the full effect of your work – check!

• Telescopic legs so that your makeup desk can go higher or lower, even on wonky ground – check!

• Easy to wheel around with skater wheels – check!

• Quick and easy to put up, use and take down again – check!

Of course, there are other professional makeup cases too which can do a fabulous job at keeping your makeup organized and easily accessible, even without the added benefit of a portable makeup stand.

Key-locked rolling professional makeup cases have to look stylish – stylists and makeup artists are some of the most stylish people you will ever come across so you’ve got to have something which they’ll feel happy to roll around with – maybe that doesn’t sound quite right but you get the idea!

Makeup artists and stylists have many tools of their trade and just like a motor mechanic needs to take his tools with him wherever he goes, professional makeup cases are the “tool box” of the makeup artist or stylist. So what features come in useful?

• Strength and durability – to protect your makeup and protect your case – check!

• Easily accessible – you’ve got to be able to get to the different sections in your makeup case quickly and easily – check!

• A good strong handle so that you can drag your makeup case wherever you need it – check!

• Smaller, removable compartments which can be lifted out and used as necessary – check!

• Lined and insulated to protect your precious makeup – check!

• Mirror – even if your chosen makeup case doesn’t magically transform into a stand with lights and mirror you’ll need a mirror to be included and transported safely – check!

Professional makeup cases really can make the life of the professional makeup artist, model or stylist much easier – everything you need for your professional life can be safely stored and wheeled around from place to place.

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