How to Wear Red Lipstick

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Nothing quite says “sexy” like red lipstick, but red is not red, which is not red . . . if you see what I mean. Different reds definitely suit different skin tones and complexions. If you choose the wrong red it can drain the color from your face or leave you looking “tarty” which is actually a million miles from sexy . . . . and classic sexy is, after all, what we are all striving to achieve at some point in our lives.

Red lipstick can make you feel so glamorous, so fabulous and confident when you choose the right shade and you “wear it well”.

So, which red lipstick should you reach for?

The Fairer Sex with the Fairer Skin – if you are what used to be known as the traditional or “classic beauty” with a complexion of peaches and cream with subtle pink undertones then you should choose coral reds which are not quite so overbearing as the full on bright reds. Matte red lipsticks with an orangey hue can also look good. If, however, your skin has yellowish undertones stick to corals or brick reds for a warmer tone.

Medium Skin Tones with a Hint of Bronze – golden and olive skinned beauties are definitely the lucky ones – they can wear red, red or red. Yep, just about any red will look fabulous. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright reds, pinkish reds, cranberry reds or any other type of red you can lay your hands on. You’ll look amazing whatever you choose.

Darker Skin Tones – those with a much darker and deeper complexion will often have coolish undertones which puts a whole new prospective onto the red lipstick dilemma. If you choose something which is too bright it can look harsh and unattractive so the best idea is to stick with cool shades and reds with a blue undertone- we’re talking dark cherry tones or figs.

As well as thinking about skin tones you also need to consider your teeth when choosing red lipstick. Some red lipsticks can actually make your teeth appear yellowish while others will accentuate a bright, white smile. Red lipsticks which have blue undertones will help yellowish teeth to appear whiter and brighter whereas the orangey red lipsticks can make teeth appear more yellow than they actually are.

One great tip, instead of trying new lipstick shades on the back of your hand actually test a dab on your lips, that is, after all, where you’ll be wearing it.

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