Fun and Flirty Ways with Eye Pencils

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Eye liner might not be anything new, we’re all well accustomed to the heavy black eye liner of the 1960’s revisited by Amy Winehouse, Adele and countless others but there’s a whole new exciting twist which we couldn’t wait to try.

Here’s what you’ll need:

• 3 or 4 kohl pencils in gradually darkening shades. The darkest of the shades will create the cat’s eye “flick” at the end so make sure it’s good and bold. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors but it does work best if they are at least a little coordinated!

• One angled eyeliner brush – the thinner the brush you choose the more control and precision you’ll have.

And here’s what you do;

• Using your lightest shade draw a line across a third of your eye lid starting from the inner corner

• For the middle third of your eye lid use the medium shade – something vibrant and exciting

• Finish off this line with the darkest kohl pencil not forgetting the characteristic flick at the end

• Now gently blend the three shades using your angled eyeliner brush. Be careful not to overdo it or it will all end up being the same color.

And that’s really all there is to it. Have fun with it and be ready to turn some heads with your dazzling cat’s eyes.

Enhanced Cats Eyes is Really Putting on the Style

There’s nothing quite so beautiful, sexy or alluring as cats eyes – the eyes are the window to the soul and nothing is ever more inspired than the gorgeous eyes from our feline friends.

All you’ll need is a black liquid liner with a very fine brush. You’ll also need a black kajal liner with good intense color.

1. Draw parallel lines, start with a short line which points from the end of your eyebrow to the outer end of your eyelashes. Draw a similar (but much shorter) parallel line from the inner corner of the eye down towards the bridge of your nose. This line should measure around a quarter of the length of the original, outer line.

2. Next draw an inverted “V” shape on the outer edge of the line then a line connecting it to your lashes – use the black kajal liner to carefully fill in this space and thicken the lines, remembering to leave a nice sharp point at the end for the flick.

3. Rim your waterline with black and there you are, gorgeous, sultry and sexy with a truly exotic flavor.

The Application of Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Using eyeliner to create wings on the outer edge of the eye is a timeless classic – beautiful, sexy and sophisticated yet relatively simple to achieve.

Liquid liner can be difficult to master but all it takes is a little practice. Just make sure that you have plenty of make-up remover and tissues handy until you’ve got the hang of it.

Maybe these few tips will help to build to give you the confidence to give it a go:

• The thinner the brush the better results you’ll get . . . and the easier it will be.

• Make sure that your brush follows the natural lines of your eye – follow the shape exactly.

• Keep your eyeliner line as close as you possibly can to the line of our eyelashes.

• If you press on too hard you will make the line thicker – a light, gentle stroke will result in a fine line.

• After you have applied your eyeliner try not to blink for at least 15 seconds until it has had time to dry.

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