Pretty Professional Polish Patterns

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There’s nothing wrong with a little alliteration! Actually, it should probably have read “pretty professional nail polish patterns” but that would have spoiled everything.

Let’s take a look at how to achieve a beautiful graded finish on your nails – just bare nails without false parts built up or added to them – this fabulous technique looks more like a stain than polish but is very attractive and incredibly easy to do with just a little know how.

The only things you’ll need are three or four bottles of nail polish, all in the same tone starting off very light and gradually getting darker. You’ll also need a clear polish for the top coat, a make-up sponge (one of the triangular ones work best), a piece of paper, cup of water, paint brush and some nail polish remover for touching up.

Get all your polish bottles ready for action with lids unscrewed and . . . . action!

Dampen the triangular make up sponge (not wet, just damp) and put one line of your darker shade at the edge of the sponge (on the wedge), then using the next darkest color draw a line next to it, then the next color until you’ve got a stripe of the colors going from dark to light. You’ve got to work quickly so that the polish doesn’t start to dry out.

Dab the sponge onto your paper so that you can see all of the colors together, not blended just together, then dab the sponge a little on the paper to gently blend the colors.

The next thing you do is to line up the sponge with the tip of your nail and press the polish onto your nail, keep pressing firmly on the spot and don’t worry about making any mess, you can soon clean it up later. Don’t worry about getting anything exact, that’s not the way this works.

Go through the process for each of your nails – you probably won’t need to reapply the polish every time but maybe for every two or three nails. Clean up your cuticles with your paint brush and nail polish remover then, once your nail polish has completed dried apply a clear top coat which will not only provide a nice varnish but also enhance the blending.

You can do this with any colors you like – just make sure that they all blend together nicely. Have fun!

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