The Best Beauty Products Don’t Have to Be Expensive

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There are some truly great beauty product bargains available in every drug store up and down the country – the best beauty products really do not have to cost the earth. Let’s take a look at what additions you can make to your beauty product collection for just a few dollars here and there – quite frankly you’re silly if you live without them.

Protect & Perfect - Protection & Perfection Serum – Boots. It’s like a moisturizer and then some – if your skin has gone way beyond the point of no return and a moisturizer alone simply won’t hack it anymore then this is the answer. At little more than $20 it can help to revitalize your complexion leaving it radiant, soft and oh so smooth. It can even help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles over a prolonged period of time. Use it religiously for four weeks and see the difference.

Burt’s Bees – fed up of greasy hand cream? Got dry, chapped lips and skin? Look no further than this fabulous, affordable replenishing lotion. At less than $15 per tube it can help to keep your skin hydrated all day long and into the night, use it on your hands for a silky softness without the grease.

Cococare Coco Butter – 100% Cocoa butter. These fabulous sticks cost less than two dollars, every girl should have one with her at all times and say goodbye to dry lips, knuckles, cuticles and elbows – in fact say goodbye to dry and hello to soft and smooth.

Essie Cuticle Oil – what can you do about untidy, ragged cuticles? That’s easy; nourish them with this fabulous cuticle oil which leaves cuticles soft and nails shiny and healthy. It smells good too and at less than $9 there really are no excuses not to have it.

Garnier Fructis Miracle Dry Oil with Triple Nutrition – it’s less than $5 but it’s worth a million dollars for anyone who suffers from split ends or has dry, flaky skin. This is the bargain of all bargains, the miracle of all miracles, the product of all products . . . . So what are you waiting for?

Crème of Nature Leave in Conditioner for Strength and Shine is just over $5 but really does go the whole hog taming the frizz and conditioning the dry, split ends.

With these and plenty more bargains to be found in the drug store there’s no excuse not to look radiant whatever the time of year.

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