Living with Dark Circles beneath Your Eyes

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Lots of people live with dark under-eye circles; it seems that no matter what they do they simply can’t get rid of them. The truth is that there are no sure fire ways to permanently rid your face of these dark circles . . . but there are some great ways to disguise or even hide them.

Moisturizing is the key to many things . . . including dark under eye circles.  Use a thick moisturizing cream at night and a lighter one during the day time. This day cream will allow any correctors and concealer you use to blend seamlessly and effortlessly and create a better finish. Don’t forget to moisturize . . . and then a bit more!

Use a corrector – any woman who suffers from these dark under-eye circles will probably realize that concealer alone is not sufficient to do the job which is why you may need to invest a little cash into a specially formulated under-eye corrector. These help to counteract the blue / purple shades which become more natural looking peachy, pinky shades.  There are some fabulous correctors available on line which don’t cost the earth and do a fabulous job. Don’t worry too much about matching your skin tone – once you’ve covered the dark under-eye circles you can work on blending to a smooth, flawless complexion using a concealer and foundation.

Pat the corrector onto the dark circles gently with the pad of the middle finger, painting the concealer as close to your eye lashes as you can manage.

Concealer time – as soon as you have correctly applied the corrector it is time to turn your attention to your chosen concealer. Choose a concealer which is yellow based, dot it beneath your eyes and pat the product onto your skin. Choose a concealer which is one or two shades lighter than your normal skin tone – it really depends upon how dark the circles are beneath your eyes. If you have very dark under-eye circles go for two shades lighter but be sure to blend it in well so that you don’t end up looking “raccoonesque”.

Foundation – wow, are we only just getting to the foundation? People who are lucky enough not to suffer from dark under eye circles can skip all of the above and head straight here. Remember that you only need to apply foundation to the parts of the face which need them . . . it is not compulsory to slap it on all over. 

Set your make-up – a powder which is yellow based can be used to successful set your make-up into place, although anyone with an incredibly pale skin should probably opt for white powder in order to set the scene.

If you still aren’t happy and don’t feel confident that you can successfully conceal dark under-eye circles then perhaps you should speak to a medical professional about laser treatment.  These can be used to thicken skin which in turn makes the veins less visible (the root problem).

Make sure that you get sufficient sleep every night to help keep your eyes looking bright and clear.

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