The Best Nail Shapes for Your Nails, Your Fingers and Your Life

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Nails are not one size suits all . . . there are a choice of different nail shapes to choose from, the best for you may depend upon the size and shape of your fingers and your lifestyle.

Let’s take a quick look at some of our favorites:

Square Nails – this is the classic shape for a French manicure. Square nails work best on large nail beds, if you try it on shorter nails it can look a little out of proportion, even shorter and wider than the nail beds already are.  In order to create the classic square nail shape, file the sides of the nails straight and perpendicular and then file an angle across the end of the nail as required.  You don’t want any sharp corners.

Oval Nails – are stylish and elegant and suitable for all sizes and shape of nail bed. Start off by filing the side walls of the nail to a regular length and then shape the end of the nail into a sweeping, smooth oval shape.  It is important to have an even angle on each side of the nail.

Square / Oval – aka Squoval Nails – this is another popular shape which works well for the majority of fingers.  Start off with the square – remember those straight, perpendicular and even side walls then file the corners of the nails into an oval shape. Keeping the side supports can help your nails to remain strong so don’t get too carried away with the filing.

Round Nails – this is a rather conservative choice popular with men who like to keep their hands well manicured . . . it works well for women too. The shape flatters even comparatively wide nail beds, actually helping to create the illusion that the nail beds are a little slimmer. Start off with the straight side walls and then swoop into a full, circular shape. Round nails are pretty similar to oval nails . . . but shorter.

Pointed / Almond Nails – this is the most popular choice for anyone who is interested in nail art and fashionable designs. Pointed, almond shaped nails are also a popular choice among celebrities (people who have other people to do daily chores for them without having to risk breaking a perfectly shaped and manicured nail). The look can also help to create the illusion of length for short, stubby or chubby fingers. Simply file the side walls tapering to a tip for the desired length.

So which is the best for your fingers?

Follow these basic rules – wide nail beds are perfect for the square / oval . . . aka squoval look whereas square shapes help to strengthen and widen naturally narrow nails.  If you work with your hands and need to keep your nails relatively short then opt for the rounded nails – this is particularly good for girls who spend hours on the keyboard every day.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with nail shapes – a subtle change can make the world of difference.

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